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Here is just a little information about myself and my family.  I was
born in Jackson, MI where my father raised American Saddlebreds.  
As a kid who's greatest dream was becoming a cowgirl, life couldn't
have gotten much better!  I loved the smell of hay in a clean barn, and,
most importantly, the sight of any horse filled with spirit and spunk.  
Unfortunately, at age five, a life treatening disease made my dream
seem out of reach.  I was diagnosed with poliomyelitis.  As the virus
worked it's way into my legs, the fear of never being able to walk
again made my parents and I lose even more hope.  At that moment,
my father left the hospital in search of the one thing I had wished for
my entire life, my very own pony.  After being released from the
hospital, my new pony, Trigger, soon became my new legs, and gave
me inspiration to fulfill my dream of becoming a cowgirl.
As I got older, I never became that gun-slinging Annie Oakly that my
parents teased me about becoming, but I did learn to walk again
andmy love for horses stayed with me.  I purchased a beautiful 2 year
old Appaloosa named Bingo. Not long after, I met my husband, who
also loved horses, fell in love, and even got married on horseback!  
After having five beautiful children and struggling financially like most
large families, we managed to work hard enough to finally purchase 17
acres here in Grant, Florida.

Our kids are grown now, and all have beautiful children of their own,
with the exception of my youngest daughter, Jolene (age 22).  That is,
unless you take into consideration my newest grand"
puppy" she
recently adopted and named Kiddo.  We also managed to raise 1
Palomino AQHA Mare, 1 Aphc Palomino Gelding, and two beautiful
APHA young geldings (listed for sale on this site), not to mention my
Appy Bingo, who just passed away this year at age 31.  
We'll miss you

We absolutely love to trail ride,  go 4-wheeling, and many other equine
activities, and outdoor sports.

We give our thanks to God "Our Lord and Savior" for being in our
hearts and life, as without him... none of this would have been