Prices from $389.00 - $450.00 (includes shipping)  
 Various sizes available SLV - LV's , MLV's
                   Available upon request: videos, testimonials, and sizing charts.

Hidden Hoof Prints Tri-County Viewer's Discounts Available"
                                    (call Pat Lent (321-432-3436)

"I agree the prices on these vests are not what we want to pay especially in this  
economy crunch.  But, after careful consideration and after adding up the hospital     
and doctor bills my recent accident cost me; I decided to scrape up the money in  
,hopes to prevent any further trips and/or bills to the doctors and hospitals."
I am really happy to announce that I am able
to offer to my viewers a superb equestrian
SAFETY vest.  It is called the HIT AIR VEST.  

After my accidental horrific spin & fall off my
superb trail horse Kiya (breaking my back
and knee) I discovered there is a safety vest
that could have prevented my injuries.  I am
offering to my viewers an opportunity to
gain your confident back after a fall, along
with an opportunity to keep those young
and old bones much safer!!  

I was so impressed with the studies of the
vest that I decided to check into the
possibility of being a supplier.  I want my
viewers and equestrian friends to be safe
while eventing, jumping, cross-country,
roping, team penning, reining, polo trail
riding, and/or whatever the equestrian sport
you favor.  Please contact me.
           Pat Lent (321) 432-3436
              HIT-AIR SAFETY VEST
A Safer Way to Ride!  Have you taken a spill lately?  Well, I did and I sure wish I would have known about
these Safety Vest before I took that spill!   I probably would have saved a big hospital bill and possibly a
broken back!    So, I want to share this info with my viewers and offer you a discount to purchase yourself
a vest!

AIR VEST fills with
air as soon as you
leave the saddle!

Hit the air... not the
Tail Bone too!

Back, Front,
Sides, Neck,
Light- weight