Grade Paint 13  yr. old , 15.2 Gelding
for Sale
Bam Bam is a sweet (in your pocket) type of gelding.  
Bam Bam is NOT for beginners/novice riders that have no experience.  Only because, he
can be get somewhat stubborn and refuses to go forward sometimes but hasn't gotten
nasty, just stubborn!  He is very smart and will do well if you are an confident and
somewhat experienced rider. His owner was only 8 years old when her mom bought her
Bam Bam (as he definitely was and is a sweetheart; no kick, bite, or bad habits except
for his stubborn ways).  Bam Bam was sent for 6 month to a trainer to get some
training.  The  trainer mostly trained dressage/jumpers.  As a result the trainer felt like
he is very athletic and a great horse within the time she spent with him.  The trainer
work with the owner teaching her confidence on Bam Bam.  The rest is history as now
Maris is a college student and is struggling financially to keep him boarded.  She feels
that he "seeks out" for attention and needs someone that will totally enjoy keeping him
busy and love him and take care of him hopefully giving him a forever-type home.  Bam
Bam does know his leads, works off the leg, knows all the basics.  He would make an
awesome Jumper as he loves to jump and is very athletic.  He has been on trails and
does well with other horses.  He boards at my barn.  I can tell you myself, he is
extremely an "in-you-pocket" type horse.   We love his personality.  He also knows a few
cute tricks and he will melt your heart.  You are welcome to call me as I will be glad to
tell you more about him.  VIDEO'S COMING SOON!
Asking $2000.00
Call Pat Lent (321)432-3436